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Elastic Uniform Belts

HEBL - Wide tab  1 1/2" elastic belt in 15 colors. Leather tongue& tab with quality nickel plated buckle and extra slim slide for easeof pulling belt through pant tunnel. Adjustable for 22"- 48" waist sizes.
SEBL - 1" buckle and tongue "narrow tab" belts with 1-1/2" elastic.Popular for youth and girl's softball.

WEBL - 1-1/2" buckle and tongue "wide tab" belts with 1-1/2"elasticwith matching leather tabs, fits sizes 22-48". Genuine split-grain cowhidetongues and buckle tabs and quality nickel plated buckles. Guaranteed a full year. Available in 15 Colors.
Color List: White, Black, Scarlet, Cardinal, Maroon, Purple,Royal, Navy, Columbia Blue, Kelly, Dark Green, Teal, Gold, Orange, andGray.

WLBT - Genuine Cowhide, 100% Solid Leather Belt. Finest quality 1 1/2"width belts in 15 colors listed. Sizes: S (25-30), M (29-34), L (33-38),XL (37-42) and XXL(41-46).

TRG - “Quick Hands" Baseball  Training Glove.  Fielder' mittdesigned for  players to learn how to stop & trap balls - especiallygrounders - with both hands. Slightly concave 8" diameter well padded ballstrike area “deadens" the ball & provides an unrestricted area forplayer to use freehand to trap ball against mitt. Elastic hand &&finger loops securely keep mitt in proper position. One size fits all.
TRGX - TRG in retail blister box.

Knee/Lower Leg Protector - Guards against bruises & abrasions tolower leg & knee area. Full 3/8" thick shock absorbing foam pad withknitted lower cuff open back. Comfort design. Black only in 3 sizes. Soldeach piece.
BBSY - Youth size, 14" over all.
BBSF - Women's size, 15 1/2" over all.
BBSM - Men's size, 17" over all.