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Umpire Indicators - blister carded per doz.
UM3 - Heavy duty black plastic - 3 wheel model counts balls, strikes,outs. Per doz.
UM4 - As above but 4-wheel model also counts innings. Per doz.

UM7 - 3 Wheel Indicator in sturdy  tainless steel. Blister carded.Sold per each.

UM5 - Oversize Umpire Indicator has large easy to read numerals andit molds comfortably into left hand for extra ease of wheel operation.Sold per each. Top window shows “balls" to counts of 0,1,2,3.  Middle window shows “strikes" to count of  0,1,2. Bottom window shows“outs" to counts of 0,1,2.

UMB - Umpire Plate Brush has contoured wooden handle and durable bristles- blister carded.

Umpire Bag in nylon holds 6 balls, indicator and plate brush - fitson belt.
UMCB - Black  UMCN - Navy

UOP - Umpire Outside Chest Protector is 3" thick foam covered in blacknylon with adjustable straps.

EYB - Eyeblack to prevent sun-glare. Each tube is blister carded. Soldper each.

FGBH - Set of Hardware and Straps to mount face guards to batting helmetin 3 places. Includes: 3 ea. t-nut, screws & straps.
CLS - Black plastic straps only for  mounting wire style battinghelmet face guards. Per each piece.
TNS - Short steel t-nuts, 1/8" barrel.
CHT - Short black steel screw 5/16"L.

Pitchers Toe Guard.
Tough rubber toe guards for right or left shoe. Available in blackor white, one size fits all types shoes. Adhesive &  instructionsin retail package. Sold each.
TGRW - Toe guard for right shoe in white.
TGRB - Toe guard for right shoe in black.
TGLW - Toe guard for left shoe in white.
TGLB - Toe guard for left shoe in black.

Throat Guards - Available in black, red, and navy. Ties onto any catcher'smask.
BTGA - Adult model.
BTGY - Youth model.

FSG - Flip-Up Sunglasses.
Shatterproof graduated tinted lens. U.V. protection and adjustablehead strap. Display boxed.

Neatsfoot Oil-Based Leather Softener & Preservative for softeningand lubricating gloves and leather articles.
LOS - Aerosol 5 oz. cans for easy use. Sold per dozen.
GLV - 4 oz. squeeze bottle with flip-top cap. Sold per dozen.