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Perforated  Plastic Balls with holes in 9" baseball, 12" softball& golfball size. Yellow softball sizes also available.

BWB1 - Baseball-size per box of 100 each.
SWB1 - Softball-size (white) per box of   100 each.
SWBY1 - Softball (yellow) per 100.
SWB - Softball-size in white per dozen   pieces, bagged.
SWB Y- Softball-size in yellow per dozen   pieces, bagged.
SWB6 - Softball-size in retail bagged 6   pack. White.
BWB - Baseball-size,  bagged per doz.   pieces.
BWB6 - Baseball-size in retail bagged 6   pack.
GFWB - Golf ball-size, bagged per  doz.
GFWB5 - Golf ball-size - box of 500 pcs.

BHS - Batting Helmet Chin Straps. Black  3/4" elastic straps aresturdy yet soft against chin area. Plastic buckles are standard, any bucklesare available at no extra charge. Bagged per doz.
BHSR -  Batting Helmet Chin Strap. Retail bagged per each.

RLS - Leg Guard Replacement Straps. Black elastic straps and hooksfor all leg   guards. One dozen each straps and hooks per polybag.

PTC - Pine Tar Rag. 10" square cloth is saturated with pine tar fortack grip. Blister carded and sold per each.

RBC - Rosin Bag for firm hand control. Blister carded. Sold per each.

Pitching Machine Balls.
PMSB - Softball Size Pitching Machine Balls are yellow, dimpled &85 degree hardness. 12".
PMFB - Smaller Softball Size Pitching Machine Balls are yellow, dimpled& 85 degree hardness. 11".
PMBB - Baseball Size Pitching Machine Balls are yellow, dimpled &85 degree   hardness. 9" .

MCBC - Pocket Size Magnetic Baseball Line-up Board with name tags,pen & reverse size fielded strategy board.
MCBB - Magnetic Baseball Players Line-up Board with field diagram onreverse side. Includes name tags and pen.

LUC - Line Up Cards. Four part carbonless 8 1/2" x 3 1/2" sets. Detailedwith extras. Sold per 100/package.

“Sensor Grip" offers a dry hands, non-slip grip for golf, baseball,football:
STC - Dry grip compound bag gives a non-sticky comfortably dry feelto hands, gloves, bat handles, etc. Lasts for hundreds of uses.