A. Lightweight Plastic Cones.
PC15 - 15” cone in Fluorescent Orange.
PC12 - 12” cone in Fluorescent Orange.
PC9 - 9” cone in Fluorescent Orange.
PC4 - 4” high open top cone (12” diam.) in Fluorescent Orange.
PC3 - 2 1/4” open top cone (7” diam.) in Orange, Yellow, Scarlet, Royal,Kelly, Purple.
4-PC3 - Banded retail package of 4 ea. PC3 with bar coded label in Orange.
6-PC3 - Set of 6. One each of PC3 in 6 colors.
PCH - Wire Cone Rack holds 150. (not pictured)

B. Safety Cones - Fluorescent Orange.
SC6 - 6” with cut outs for crushability.
SC9 - 9” with cut outs for crushability.
SC12 - 12” with cut outs for crushability.

C. Heavy Cones. Fluorescent Orange extra durable open top cones. Weighted rubber bottoms yet cone remains soft & crushable.
HC6 - 6” height, 1 lb. weight.
HC12 - 12” height, 1 3/4lb. weight.
HC18 - 18” height, 3lb. weight.
HC28 - 28” height, 7lb. weight.

D. SFM - Soccer Corner Flags. One piece white plastic pole with red flag & offset “step on” spring mounted ground holder. Set of 4. Retail Packaged.
SFM6 - #SFM sold in Bulk. 6 Sets per Box.

E. SOF - Set of 2 Lineman’s Flags. One each Scarlet & Yellow with wood handles.

F. Soccer Net Holders.
SNF - Velcro fastener straps quickly secure nets to the goal frame. Fits up to 4” diameter frame. Per dozen pieces/black.

G. Black Polyurethane Soccer Cleats.
SCR - 5/8” Rear (1/2”), Bag of 100.
SCF - 1/2” Front (5/8”), Bag of 100.
SCS - Set of 8 Rear & 4 Front.

H. Scrimmage Vests. 100% polyester mesh is generously cut to fit over shoulder pads. Reinforced stitching on armholes & neck. Has label size tag. Each Poly Bagged.
8 Colors: Gold, Scarlet, Royal, Navy, Kelly, Black, Purple, & Orange. 2 sizes:
SV3 - Youth . SV4 - Adult.

I. Soccer Shin Guards. All come in poly bag with display header. Made with tough outer poly and 3/16” inside comfort foam. All have stocking grippers and vent holes. With or without adjustable leg straps to fit all sizes.
SGR - Adult size (8”) without straps.
SGRS - Adult size with adjustable straps.
SGY - Youth size (7”) without straps.
SGYS - Youth size with adjustable straps.

J. Soccer Shin Guards.
PSG - Full knitted elastic back with foot stirrups. 1/2” shock absorbing padding affords great protection with a secure fit. White only. Sizes: S, M,L.
HSG - Removable plastic splints over comfort padding. Adjustable elastic, lightweight, open-back design with padded ankle guard. White Only. Sizes S, M, L.