A. Rubber Discus.
Meets High School and NCAA specifications.
RD10 - 1.0 kg. Women’s model.
RD16 - 1.6 kg. Men’s H.S. model.
RD20 - 2.0 kg. Collegiate model.

B. Discus. Steel rimmed high-quality ABS discus. 80% rim weight. Meets High School & NCAA specification.
CD10 - 1.0 kg. Women’s model.
CD16 - 1.6 kg. Men’s H.S. model.
CD20 - 2.0 kg. Collegiate model.

C. Shot Puts. Individually Boxed. Calibrated to meet all specifications.
Outdoor Iron Shots: Machine Turned Iron.
SPR6 - 6 lb. Youth model.
SPR8 - 8 lb. Girls’ model.
SPR4 - 4 kg. H.S. Girls and Juniors.
SPR12 - 12 lb. Men’s H.S. model.
SPR16 - 16 lb. Collegiate model.

Indoor Shots:
Official indoor polyethylene hardshell. Filled to exact weights. Orange finish.
SPN6 - 6 lb. Youth model.
SPN8 - 8 lb. Girls’ model.
SPN4 - 4 kg. H.S. Girls and Juniors.
SPN12 - 12 lb.Men’s H.S. model.
SPN16 - 16 lb. Collegiate model.

D. Wrenches. Quickly loosen or tighten cleats and spikes.
THW - “T” handle track spike wrench fits
hex base and 2 sided track spikes.
TSW - Flat steel wrench fits all 2 sided track spikes.
TRW - “Ratchet” track spike wrench fits all 2 sided track spikes.
GRW - “Ratchet” golf spike & camlock track spike wrench.
TEW - Small Flat Steel Economy track spike wrench.

E. Measuring Tapes. Lightweight open reel design with quality fiberglass tape measuring in feet and meters. Quick retrieve folding crank.
TMT05 - 50’/15m.
TMT1 - 100’/30m.
TMT2 - 200’/60m.
TMT3 - 330’/100m.

F. Relay Batons.
BTN - Lightweight aluminum in Scarlet, Blue, Gold, & Silver.

G. Shot & Discus Carrier.
DSC - Discus Carrier. Tough nylon double pockets with carry handle. Holds any 2 discus or shot puts.
SPC - Shot Put Carrier. Heavy woven poly-
mesh with carry handle. Holds any shot put.

H. Track Spikes.
Zinc plated steel spikes. Bagged per 100.