A. Volleyball Knee Pads.
KPV - Durable Professional “Bubble Pad”. Slides on gym floors. Non-slip 9” length and 100% elastic nylon. White or Black. Retail Packaged.

B. Volleyball & Multi-Sport Knee/Elbow Pads.
Easy slide knit with contoured 5/8” padding. Comfort knit elastic with no-bind cut-out at back. White or Black. Retail Packaged.

KPEA - Adult size. White or Black.

KPEY - Youth size. White or Black.

C. Striping and Floor Plastic Tape.
5mm Thickness x 108 ft. Length. High quality plastic tape for marking gym floors, helmet marking & boundary markings on wrestling mats. Widths: 1/2”, 1” and 2”. 13 Colors.

STO5 - 1/2”.
ST10 - 1”.
ST20 - 2”.

13 Colors: White, Royal, Black, Scarlet, Navy, Green, Yellow, Columbia, Maroon, Purple, Orange, Brown, & Gray.

D. Transparent Vinyl Mat Tape.
8mm. Thickness x 84’ Length. Perfectly clear and very strong. Leaves no residue when removed. Each roll is individually wrapped. Widths: 3” and 4”.

MT3 - 3” MT4 - 4”

E. Wrestling Mat Strap.
WMS - Mat tie straps 16 ft. Length x 2” Wide with non-slip cam buckle. Sold per each.

F. Wrestling Shoe Lace Covers.
WSC - Soft Neoprene with velcro closure.
Prevents laces from untying. Sold per pair.

G. Wrestling Ear Guard.
WEG - Very comfortable protective ear guard with velcro adjustable rear & forehead straps.
Energy absorbing outer ear cup for maximum protection. One size fits all. Black only.