A. HRAK - Helmet Rack. Heavy gauge steel constructed rack is 81” tall & only 4’ wide yet holds 56 helmets. Comes with protective caps on cross-tubes to prevent damage to helmets. 4 easy turn casters on heavy weight base. 75 lbs. in two cartons.

B. SRAK - Shoulder Pad Rack.
Heavy duty galvanized steel construction
with 4 easy rolling casters. 60” long x 75” tall. Holds up to 50 XL pads and 100 youth pads. This very sturdy rack weights 75 lbs. in one carton.

C. FKH - Football Kicking Holder.
Heavy weight enameled steel base with
flexible rubber tube to hold tip of ball at desired position.

D. FKN - Punting & Kicking Cage & Net.
Heavy duty 1 1/2” galvanized steel frame. Breaks down for easy travel & storage. 82” H x 41” W. 34 lbs. Ships UPS. See also #CNET Sock Net on pg. 11.

E. Football Field Stencil Kits.
Numbered stencils constructed of flexible polyethylene plastic sheeting. Easy clean up. When paint dries, it simply flakes off. 1 each: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G per set.

STE3 - 3’ Football Marking Kit. 19 lbs.
STE6 - 6’ Football Marking Kit. Includes Arrow. 35 lbs.

Recommended height by High School Federation.