A. Shoulder Pad Hardware.
Sold in Bags of 50.
STH2 - 1-1/2” Swivel T-Hook.
STH1 - 1” Swivel T-Hook.
TH2 - 1-1/2” T-Hook.
TH1 - 1” T-Hook.
KS2 - 1-1/2” Key-Hole Fastener.
KS1 - 1” Key-Hole Fastener.
SS2 - 1-1/2” Slide.
SS1 - 1” Slide.
JH1 - 1” J-Hook Fastener.
PLS - Plastic Lock for Shoulder Pad Laces.

Black Plated Hardware.
T-hooks & key slot fasteners with durable black plating.
TH2B - 1-1/2” T-Hook, Black.
TH1B - 1” T-Hook, Black.
STH2B - 1-1/2” Swivel T-Hook, Black
KS2B - 1-1/2” Key-Hole Fastener, Black.
KS1B - 1” Key-Hole Fastener, Black.

B. STH4 - 1-1/2” Non-Slip Swivel T-Hook with Triple Slot Lock Down. Eliminates Taping Elastics Together. Black Plated. Patent Pending.

C. BBL - Barrel Locks. For ease in opening/closing all items requiring a draw cord. Great for bags, clothing, camping gear. Sold in Bags of 50. Black or White.

D. Shoulder Pad Elastics.
The highest quality heavy duty elastic. Sold in 25 yard rolls.
NPE - 1” White Elastic.
NPEB - 1” Black Elastic.
WPE - 1-1/2” White Elastic.
WPEB - 1-1/2” Black Elastic.

E. Field Repair Kits.
FRK - Varsity Level Repair Kit. Assortment of helmet & sh. pad hardware. Also included are laces, football cleats and wrench, 2 screw drivers, pliers & helmet pump for quick repairs.
YRK - Youth Level Repair Kit. As above-geared to smaller equip. and players.

F. Deluxe Equipment & Tool Box.
DRK - Similar to FRK kit with 60% more hardware & elastics. Additional tools include our strap cutter, 2 way pump, eyeblack, whistle, ball sealant, inflation gauge & needles. Extra room for customer to add items.

YDRK - Youth Level Deluxe Equipment & Tool Box. As above-geared to smaller equip. and players.

G. DB3 - FREE display card of all helmet & shoulder pad hardware, cleats & track spikes. Put your dealer name & phone number on it. Great item to give to schools & equipment managers.