A. Helmet and Faceguard Hardware.
Sold in Bags of 50.
CRS - Faceguard Strap. “Reverse type” for smaller diameter coated wire faceguards.
CAG - Faceguard Strap. For larger diameter coated wire faceguards. Fits Armorguard™, Armorguard™ Elite®, Pro-Guard & Pro-Guard Plus.
CDS - Faceguard Strap for Riddell type Plastic faceguards.
TNS - Short T-Nut (1/8”). (Screws into CSS/CSSX).
TNM - Medium T-Nut (3/8”).
TNL - Long T-Nut (1/2”).
CSS - Short Stud Screw (3/16”) (Screws into TNS).
CSSX - Short Stud Screw - 100% Stainless Steel Screw & Cap.
CSL - Long Stud Screw - for plastic double bars ONLY.
CHS - Combo Head Screw (1/2”), Gold.
CHX - Stainless Steel Combo Head Screw (1/2”).
CHXB - Stainless Steel Combo Head Screw (1/2”), Black.
CHXL - Stainless Steel Combo Head Screw (9/16”).
PHS - Phillips Head Screw (1/4”).
SSW - Stainless Steel Washer.
PMW - Poly Washer.

B. Stainless Steel T-Nuts.
TNSX - S.S. Short T-Nut.
TNMX - S.S. Medium T-Nut.
TNLX - S.S. Long T-Nut.
TNSXB - S.S. Short T-Nut, Black.
TNMXB - S.S. Medium T-Nut, Black.
TNLXB - S.S. Long T-Nut, Black.

C. Packaged Hardware.
FGDS - Set of hardware and 6 special face guard straps (for Riddell type plastic face guards).
FGAG - Set of hardware & 4 cage straps (for larger diameter wire) to mount faceguards.
FGRS - Set of hardware & 4 cage straps (for smaller diameter wire) to mount faceguards. “Reverse Type”.
FGH - Set of hardware only - no straps.
RHK - Riddell Revolution Helmet Faceguard Kit. NEW PRODUCT. 16-Piece Packaged Set. See Price List for Details.

D. SSBH - Steel Buckle with 1” wide slots. For goalie masks & catchers’ mask headgear.

E. TNW - Steel zinc plated T-nut wrench. Fits all 1/2” square base T-nuts to prevent spinning when removing screws.

F. HKX - Helmet hardware repair kit. 4 each TNS short T-nuts, 4-CSS short stud screws & 4 USB chin strap buckles. Retail blister boxed and bar coded.

G. Chin Strap Buckles.
USB - Unbreakable Safety Chin Strap Buckle - no sharp edges or metal to injure players. Helps prevent snags/damage to jerseys. Eliminates coaches complaints. This heavy duty plastic buckle contains a bronze snap ring to secure the chin strap to the helmet. Patent #5,259,096.
USBK - USB Buckle in Black.
USBC - USB Buckle in 10 New Colors. See price list.
SSBP - Plastic Buckle.
SSB - Steel Buckle.
SSBX - Stainless Steel Buckle.

H. IPR - Helmet Pump with push button quick release air valve.

I. GLY - Glycerine Lubricant for needles. 1 oz.

J. HIK - Helmet Inflation Kit contains 1 #IPR helmet pump, 2 short needles & 1 #GLY Glycerine Lubricant in blister box.

K. CUT - Hand tool for cutting plastic face guard straps on football helmets.