Mouthguards. Latex Free.

A. MG9 - Adult Size Professional Mouthguard with adjustable strap. Protects lips, mouth and teeth. Breathe through nose or mouth with breathing holes. Soft and comfortable, can be trimmed for exact fit. Blister Packed. $2,800 Dental Warranty.
7 Colors: White, Black, Scarlet, Royal, Gold, Kelly, & Tan.

MG5 - Mouthguard for Braces with Strap. Affords more cut-through protection for players who wear braces. Ready to wear style.
Poly Bagged. $600 Dental Warranty.
White only.

- Mouthguard Without Strap. Form- fit type. Poly Bagged. $3,200 Dental Warranty.
5 Colors: Clear, Gold, Scarlet, Royal, & Black.

MG2 - Adult Size in comfortable dental vinyl with hint of mint. Easily cut to fit youth size mouth. Hot water custom fitted in seconds.
Poly Bagged. $3,200 Dental Warranty.
12 Colors: Clear, White, Black, Scarlet,
Royal, Gold, Kelly, Navy, Maroon, Purple, Orange, & Tan.

- As above in Youth size. Poly bagged. $3,200 dental warranty.
3 Colors: Clear, Black, & Gold.

B. Football Cleats.

Bagged per 100.

UPB - 1/2”, UPM - 5/8”, UPL - 3/4”
UPX - 1”, NPB - 1/2” Steel Tipped.

Retail Packaged. Set of 14.
UPS - 1/2” Cleats.
UPLS - 3/4” Cleats.
NPS - 1/2” Steel Tipped Cleats.
UPSX - 1/2” Cleats w/ Wrench.
NPSX - 1/2” Steel Tipped w/Wrench.
UPLSX - 3/4” Cleats w/Wrench.


C. FRW - “Ratchet” football & soccer cleat wrench. Can put stem into drill chuck.
FCW - Steel wrench for football and soccer cleats.
SCW - Economical plastic football & soccer cleat wrench.