"Pro" Style Low-Profile Hard Shell
High Hook-up
- Adult Foam Cup
LYT9 - Youth Foam Cup

Low Hook-up
LCT4 - Adult Foam Cup
LYT4 - Youth Foam Cup

4-Point High Hook-up with a D-Ring
UCT9 - Adult Foam Cup
UYT9 - Youth Foam Cup

"Protection Plus" Style Hard Shell
Pat. No. 6,481,024
High Hook-up
- Adult Fleece Cup
HYS9 - Youth Fleece Cup
HCT9 - Adult Foam Cup
HYT9 - Youth Foam Cup

Low Hook-up
HCS4 - Adult Fleece Cup
HYS4 - Youth Fleece Cup
HCT4 - Adult Foam Cup
HYT4 - Youth Foam Cup

Chin Strap Buckles.
- Unbreakable Safety Chin Strap Buckles - no sharp edges or metal to injure players. Pat. No. 5,259,096.
USBK - As above in Black.
USBC - Same USB Buckle in 10 new colors. Scarlet, Cardinal, Royal, Dark Green, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Gold, Kelly & Purple.
SSB - Metal Buckles.
SSBX - Stainless Steel Buckles.
SSBP - Plastic Buckles.
Note: All Chin Straps can be hot stamped with any name in black or white using 3/8" block letters. Straps are stamped on each side with a 60 piece minimum order and 3 week delivery. If we already have a hot stamp available, there will be no tool charge.

#HSCS - Hot stamp twice each chin strap
#STMP - Tool charge for hot stamp

To Order:
1. Use 4 letter/digit product number.
2. Specify color of hard cup.
3. Specify color of strap.
4. Specify buckle color.
Metal buckles also available.