Dry Field Liners.

A. FL100 - 100 lb. capacity, 10” front and 8” rear wheels. 2” - 4” line width.

B. FL75 - 75 lb. capacity, 4-8” wheels. 2” - 4” line width.

C. FL50 - 50 lb. capacity, 4-8” wheels. 2” - 4” line width.

D. FP50 - 50 lb. capacity dry liner with large easy rolling pneumatic tires.

E. FP100 - 100 lb. capacity dry liner with oversize easy rolling pneumatic tires.

F. FL25D - 25 lb. capacity, double handle with lever shut-off 2” - 4” line width, 2-8” wheels.

G. FL25 - 25 lb. capacity, lever shut-off 2” line width, 2- 8” wheels.

H. FLJ2 - 200 yard capacity, no shut-off, 2” line width, 2- 8” wheels.

I. FL3 - 40 lb. capacity, third wheel for greater stability. Double handle with lever shut off 2”- 4” line width.

J. FP5L - Combination #FP50 Dry Field Liner & #WLL Striping Machine. Does two jobs in one machine.

Aerosol Spray Liners.

K. WLL - Athletic Field Striping Machine. Heavy-duty line marker for use on grass/dirt fields. Sturdy steel construction with 10” easy rolling wheels. Lightweight housing includes windscreen, fingertip on/off lever, storage for 12 extra cans and simple 2” - 4” line width adjustment. Non-toxic aerosol spray goes straight downward for complete coverage.
Maintenance free, no messy clean up, won’t harm grass.

L. WLH - Hand Marking Wand. Single rolling wheel and sprays a narrow
line. Popular for golf courses and touch-up use.

M. Aerosol Field Marking Paint. Non-clogging, water resistant paint. Our Universal Tip will work in all striping machines and provides a “brilliant” 4” line with a sharply defined edge. No lead or CFC’s and very low VOC level. 20 oz. disposable cans provide approximately 135 yards of stripe per can. Sold in cases of 12 cans.Ground shipments only.

WLPW - White.
WLPY - Yellow.
WLPO - Orange.
WLPS - Scarlet.
WLPR - Royal.
WLPB - Black.
WLPM - Maroon.
WLPP - Purple.
WLPN - Navy.