A. LSR - Layout Twine Caddy.
Field layout string winder. 400 feet of line with ground pin ensures a straight line. Quick retrieve crank.

B. TMP - Welded & Enameled Steel Dirt Tamp. 4’ height x 8” square. Excellent for packing fill dirt around home plate and mound area.

C. Field Drags with 1” x 1” mesh steel squares

DR6 - 6’ long x 6’ wide galvanized steel mesh with pulling handle. 60 lbs.

DR3 - 6’ long x 3’ wide galvanized steel mesh with pulling handle. 30lbs.

D. RK3 - Extra Strong, Reinforced Landscape Rake. Aluminum/magnesium
construction. Large grading edge & rounded teeth for field maintenance. One side rakes, the other side levels. 36” width x 66” length.

E. BBLT - 3-Way Adjustable Batters Box Layout Template. One tool does it all. Official Baseball 4’x 6’, Little League 3’x 6’ & Softball (Fast Pitch) 3’x 7’. Welded steel frame quickly breaks down with spring loaded buttons for small storage.