A. Glove Replacing Leather.
Sold per each.

HGL - 3/16” wide x 60” long. (Most Popular Size) Tan, Brown, or Black.

HGW - 1/4” wide x 60” long. Tan, Brown or Black.

GRK - Glove Repair Kit. One GKN pull- through needle & 3/16” Tan lace in poly bag.

GRX - Glove Relacing Kit. One GXN screw-in threaded needle & 3/16” Tan lace in retail blister box & bar coded.

GKN - “U” shaped pull through needle.

GXN - Tapered 6” relacing tool with internal threaded end. Twist beveled lace into threaded needle & lace follows needle through holes.

B. BSTOP - Backstop Padding. 2” thick padding inside extra tough 18oz. vinyl/nylon cover with tie-on grommets. Specify length & height per ft. and color. Made to order. 2 week delivery. 12 Colors (see page 10). Priced per sq. ft.

C. BAWT - Bat Weight. Heavy-weight molded foam tube slips over handle area
but won’t come off end of bat. Tapered sleeve weights 1 1/4 lbs. Royal Blue only.
BAWY - as above in a smaller 9 oz. Youth size.

D. Athletic Specialties’ Knee Support. Minimize strain by cushioning the knee joint. Wedge shape fits behind knee and attaches to straps on catcher’s leg guards.
4 Colors: Black, Navy, Scarlet & Royal.

KSY - Youth size. Fits 5’7” tall & under.
KSA - Adult size. Fits 5’8” tall & up.

E. Weather Tarps.

WT2 - Weather Tarp for home plate area is 26’ square. Material is reinforced. 37mm vinyl impregnated nylon with grommets every 3’ around perimeter. Includes ground stakes. Color: Green on top & Gold on bottom.

WT4 - Weather Tarp for pitchers mound area measures 20’ in diameter. Other specifications as above.

WT6 - Set of 3 Weather Tarps for first, second & third base areas measure 10’ square each. Other specifications as above.